Texas A&M’s ‘Ball 5’ Chant Is The Most Electric Thing You’ll See At The College World Series

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  • Texas A&Ms ‘Ball 5′ chant made an appearance in the Aggies’ win over Texas
  • The tradition is one of college baseball’s best
  • A win kept Texas A&M’s season alive as they battle in the College World Series

College baseball fans got to see one of the sport’s best traditions in action on Sunday. And they did so on the top stage.

In a matchup between Texas and Texas A&M, Aggies fans were heard shouting their patented ‘Ball 5’ chant as Longhorn pitching issues struggled to find the strike zone.

Essentially, the Aggie faithful will burst out in unison after opposing pitchers issue a four-pitch walk. They’ll then shout out the number of consecutive balls thrown until the next strike crosses the plate. We’ve heard it get up as high as 12 pitches in seasons past.

Fans around the SEC have become accustomed to the chant, which can be unraveling when the entire crowd gets involved. Now, viewers across the country are getting to see it in action.

Aggies fans chant ‘Ball 5’ as Texas pitching struggles

As a Texas pitcher struggled to find the zone, the Aggie fanbase shouted out the epic chant. The crowd would get up to Ball 7 before the Longhorns threw a strike.

The A&M fans were a big part of the Aggies’ 10-2 win.

Aggies eliminate Longhorns from College World Series

Texas A&M would go on to win the matchup by a score of 10-2, successfully eliminating Texas from the College World Series field. As expected with this rivalry, a few horns down signs were flashed following the defeat.

A&M will play on for at least one more game. They’ll take on the loser of the Notre Dame-Oklahoma game in the nightcap. Hopefully, we’ll get to hear the Aggies breakout this ‘Ball 5’ chant at least one more time.