Texas A&M Gets Flambéed For Hyping Jimbo Fisher’s Underwhelming QB History Before Top Recruit Visit

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  • As Texas A&M prepares to host one of the nation’s top quarterback recruits, it’s getting roasted for a recent graphic.
  • In the post, it touts Jimbo Fisher’s track record with quarterbacks, which is not really that good.
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Texas A&M is set to host one of the top quarterbacks in the Class of 2023 this weekend. Jaden Rashada, a four-star prospect with offers from Power Five schools all over the country will be in College Station from June 3rd to June 5th.

Ahead of his visit, the school’s Director of Player Personnel posted a graphic that may or may not have been catered to Rashada. It probably was. Either way, it was in direct reference to the quarterback position.

Specifically, the graphic spoke to the quarterbacks that have played under head coach Jimbo Fisher, who was at Florida State up until 2018 and at LSU before his time with the Seminoles. The DPP also asked why a quarterback would choose a program other than A&M based on Fisher’s history with quarterbacks.

It did not over well and the Aggies proceeded to get roasted. Here is the graphic:

While the $135,000,000 made by the 10 quarterbacks is undeniably impressive, the track record of those 10 quarterbacks is not so much. And $61 million of that number was from Jamarcus Russell’s rookie contract, which ended up being one of the worst deals in history.

Here is how the 10 quarterbacks who played under Jimbo Fisher listed on the Texas A&M graphic fared in the NFL:

  • Josh Booty, LSU
    • 6th round NFL Draft pick
    • 0 games played
  • Rohan Davey, LSU
    • 4th round NFL Draft pick
    • 7 games played
      • 0 starts
    • 19 passes attempted
  • Craig Nall, LSU
    • 5th round NFL Draft pick
    • 7 games played
      • 0 starts
    • 48 passes attempted
  • Matt Mauck, LSU
    • 7th round NFL Draft pick
    • 2 games played
      • 1 start
    • 27 passes attempted
  • Jamarcus Russell, LSU
    • No. 1 overall NFL Draft pick
    • 31 games played
      • 25 starts
      • 7-18 career record
    • 52.1% completion rate
    • One of the greatest busts in NFL history
  • Matt Flynn, LSU
    • 7th round NFL Draft pick
    • 53 games played
      • 7 starts
      • 3-4 career record
  • Christian Ponder, Florida State
    • No. 12 overall NFL Draft pick
    • 38 games played
      • 36 starts
    • 14-21-1 career record
    • 59.8% completion rate
    • 38 TD / 36 INT ratio
    • Bust
  • E.J. Manuel, Florida State
    • No. 16 overall NFL Draft pick
    • 30 games played
      • 18 starts
      • 6-12 career record
    • 58.1% completion rate
    • 20 TD / 16 INT ratio
    • Bust
  • Jameis Winston, Florida State — the only good quarterback on the list
    • No. 1 overall NFL Draft pick
    • 83 games played
      • 77 starts
      • 33-44 career record
  • Kellen Mond, Texas A&M
    • 3rd round NFL Draft pick
    • TBD

All-in-all, not a great list. Sure, there were some top draft picks and Winston is Winston, but none of the top draft picks other than Winston panned out— like, at all.

And yet, Texas A&M is promoting Fisher’s track records with quarterbacks as if it is remarkably impressive. It is not and they proceeded to get roasted.

Absolutely brutal for the Aggies. They got flambéed.