Texas Fans Are Calling Alabama ‘Dirty’ Over Hit That Led To Quinn Ewers Injury

Texas QB Quinn Ewers took a huge hit in his game vs. Alabama and Longhorns fans aren’t happy about it.

Late in the first quarter, Ewers appeared to land awkwardly on his shoulder after taking a big hit when his driven to the ground immediately after throwing the ball.

The hit was called a roughing the passer penalty and Texas fans blasted Alabama because they felt the hit on Ewers was dirty.

“What a ‘Nick Saban Alabama Defense’ thing to do. I hope Quinn Ewers has a speedy recovery, Tide going DOWN. Dirty dirty dirty team”

“Alabama taking out another Texas QB because he was shredding their defense. 😤 Typical Alabama, can’t play toe to toe, they gotta play dirty. What happened to all those new rules to protect the QB? Because the rules don’t apply to Bama.”

“Alabama knew they were gonna lose so they result to playing dirty and tryna knock players out the game ! Bet”

Others didn’t think the hit on Ewers was dirty.

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