BRO MOVE: University Of Texas Football Team Volunteers To Help Area Devastated By Flooding

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The small town of Wimberly, Texas has a crisis on its hands. Over Memorial Day weekend, a wall of water caused by three months of rain has caused massive flooding in the area, tearing walls from foundations and sending car garages into neighboring lawns. According to USA Today, the Blanco River swelled at the insane rate of 223 cubic feet per second, enough to fill a 2,000 square feet home in seven minutes. The flooding tragically killed 12 people as well as caused immense damage to homes and small businesses in central Texas.

In the wake of the destruction, University of Texas football coach Charlie Strong and his players visited Wimberly on Saturday to aid in the clean up and help tear down a house that was ruined by water damage. The house was reportedly owned by a Longhorns fan.

Check out the men at work doing a bro move for their community. Tip of the cap to Charlie Strong and the Longhorn players.

[H/T For The Win]

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