Texas Lawyer To Send Police Details Of Deshaun Watson Sexual Assault Allegations After 22 Women Come Forward To Speak Out Against Watson

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Texas Lawyer Tony Buzzbee held a press conference on Friday afternoon and made some more explosive accusations against Houston Texans QB Deshaun Watson.

During the press conference, Buzzbee revealed that a total of 22 women, mostly consisting of massage therapists, have come forward to accuse Watson of sexual assault.

According to Buzbee Watson continued with his inappropriate behavior event after his legal team was contacted about his previous behavior.

One of the clients that we represent, even after we had correspondence, after we had talked to Mr. Watson’s lawyer, he did again. This conduct happened as recently as this month.

Buzbee now says that after all of the lawsuits are filed he’s going to send a detailed package to the police.

We’ll get all the lawsuits on file first and then we’ll put together a package submit it to the police department