Texas’s 2024 SEC Schedule Details Released, Texas A&M Gets Its Wish For 1st Meeting

Texas and Texas A&M players at the line of scrimmage during a football game.

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The Texas Longhorns have a better idea of what their first season in the SEC will look like as details from the debut campaign have emerged. Meetings with defending champion Georgia, old Southwest Conference foe Arkansas, and Big XII rival Texas A&M are on the books.

An interesting tidbit in that schedule release shows that the Aggies got their wish in that first meeting with the Longhorns. The two teams will face off in Kyle Field in 2024.

Texas announced its intention to join the SEC alongside Oklahoma, providing a major bombshell in the world of conference realignment.

The move provided the league with two of the biggest brands in college football, strengthening its grip as the top dog in the sport. Not everyone was excited, however.

Texas A&M, who’d previously left the Big XII amid issues with how the league catered to its instate rival, didn’t want to see the Longhorns in the SEC. The two teams haven’t played since that 2012 departure, yet the SEC didn’t feel the need to ask the Aggies about their opinion on the potential Texas addition.

Instead, there was a presumed promise made to TAMU saying that the first meeting between the foes would be held in College Station. Quite the peace offering…

It looks like the Aggies will get their wish.

Texas insider Chip Brown says the Longhorns will face the Aggies in Kyle Field next season.

Fans were quick to comment on the announcement.

One follower said, “I can’t believe the Aggies cried their way to a home game.”

Another wrote, “Texas A&M got its wish.”

In addition to the trip to College Station, it’s being reported that the Longhorns will also travel to Arkansas while hosting UGA. Texas has a game at Michigan on the books, too, as that debut season in the SEC shapes up to be a tough one.