The Atlanta Falcons Use Madden 17 To Troll The NFL Over Social Media Highlights Policy

by 2 years ago


Two weeks ago, the NFL began cracking down on teams’ social media use by barring them from sharing their own videos or GIFS during games.

Teams can’t take highlights of what happens on the field and make it their own by using their own video or posting highlights from television directly to social media. Teams also can’t turn highlights into animated GIFs.

Violations of the policy will cost teams up to $25,000 upon the first instance, up to $50,000 the second time and up to $100,000 for each additional violation of the policy.

This week, the Atlanta Falcons found a creative way around the NFL’s dumb social media policy by reenacting Julio Jones’ catches on Madden 17.

Suck it Goodell.

h/t The Big Lead

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