The Atlanta Hawks Score Rare W With Unveiling Of Wilkins-Era Uniforms For Next Season

Bruce Bennett Studios via Getty Images Studios/Getty Images

The Atlanta Hawks road uniform of the Dominique Wilkins/Spud Webb era will go down as one of the most iconic threads in NBA history. The Pacman design on the shorts is as American as The Human Highlight Film losing the dunk contest because Michael Jordan legitimately levitated.

Since bailing on the design after 1992, the Hawks have debuted a few poopy designs (save for the Hawks’ wingspan logo gripping the ball in ’95, which was so aggressive it was respectable).

The Hawks, who haven’t won a playoff season in five years, cannot in good faith continue to make Trae Young wear the trash uniform he’s worn the first two years of his NBA career.

So they’ve upgraded. The Hawks unveiled a new jersey design for next year, harkening back to a more fruitful time.

New uniform unveilings are hardly ever received well because people are narrow-minded and like what they know and also franchises can be dumb, but people are feeling the Hawks new look.

Now all the franchise has to do is find a way to win.