Brian Windhorst Reacts To The Miz Referencing Viral ‘First Take’ Meme On ‘Raw’

Brian Windhorst Reacts To The Miz Referencing Viral Meme On 'Raw'


  • Brian Windhorst’s viral First Take meme made it all the way to Monday Night Raw courtesy of The Miz
  • The WWE superstar referenced comments the reporter made concerning a trade made by the Utah Jazz
  • Windhorst had a great reaction after seeing the clip

Last week, Kevin Durant whipped the NBA world into a frenzy when he asked the Brooklyn Nets to trade him shortly after Kyrie Irving made the decision to pick up his option with the franchise, which added an incredibly juicy layer of intrigue to the league’s impending free agency period.

That development overshadowed another trade the Nets made with the Jazz shortly before the news broke, as it’s pretty easy to understand why most people didn’t freak out after Brooklyn sent Utah a first-round pick in exchange for Royce O’Neale.

However, that transaction took center stage when Brian Windhorst appeared on First Take on Friday. During his appearance, the rest of the panel spent a couple of minutes hanging on the NBA reporter’s every word as he cryptically advised people to keep an eye on the Jazz for reasons that soon became clear after the team traded Rudy Gobert to the Bucks for a massive package that included Malik Beasley and Patrick Beverley.

Windhorst’s screed instantly secured a spot in the NBA Meme Canon, as screenshots of the appearance and references to his comments have been littering Twitter ever since.

As The Big Lead notes, The Miz also decided to get in on the action on Raw on Monday night when he deployed both of his index fingers while pondering “Why is that?” during a promo.

It didn’t take long for that development to come to Windhorst’s attention, and he acknowledged the homage while pointing out he and The Miz “go way back” by posting a picture he previously took with the WWE superstar.

It’s Brian Windhorst’s world and the rest of us are just living in it.