The Philadelphia Eagles Have Been Named The NFL’s Most Hated Fans, Which Is Still Better Than Being A Cowboys Fan



Sometimes big sports publishers like to kick up a little bit of dirt for the sake of page views. We’re guilty of it! Every sports site or blog is guilty of it. There’s no such thing as objectivity in blogging and you’re a fool if you expect otherwise.

Yesterday Sports Illustrated published a list of the most hated things in the NFL. The Patriots are — to no one’s surprise — the most hated team (“if you come at the king, you better not miss…” — Omar). Bill Belichick is the most hated coach. Dan Snyder is the most hated owner. The most hated fan base? The Philadelphia Eagles, of course, for incidents that live in NFL lore like hitting Santa Claus with snowballs (… the clown deserved it) and cheering during scary Michael Irvin injury in 1999 (… when will people realize it was directed at Dieon Sanders?). SI notes that “Every fan base is unfortunately defined by the minority who do stupid stuff like this, but it seems that Eagles fans are more defined than any other group.”

SI is not wrong. Eagles fans are assholes. But that’s why we’re great — our passion despite never winning a championship defines us. Us Philly people embrace that we’re the pissed off little brother to the dominance in Boston and New York. But I’d still rather support a franchise that isn’t afraid to talk shit to someone’s face than DEM BOYS in Dez Bryant jerseys who kiss the bleached asshole of Jerry Jones. Fucking slobs.

We’ll get there eventually. In Chip we trust.