The Monsters From ‘The Ring’ and ‘The Grudge’ Threw Out The First Pitch At A Japanese Baseball Game And Things Got Weird

Despite being America’s national pastime, other countries definitely know how to turn said sport into a way more interesting form of entertainment than we do. It’s the question of Koreans having a hot gymnast throw one out vs. us getting 50 Cent.

Enter Japan, throwing yet another wild addition into the first pitch ring. Apparently, Japan is releasing a movie that pits the monster from The Ring and The Grudge against each other titled, yep, Ring vs. Grudge. I’m guessing it’ll be kind of like Freddy vs. Jason except actually scary or Batman V. Superman but actually good. Or maybe it won’t be scary or good. Who knows? I don’t watch Japanese movies. I do know that the two monsters showed up at a Japanese baseball game yesterday and threw out the first part and I’m pissed that American baseball won’t do something this weird. Come on, America, let’s get weird. Don’t let the Japanese own us.