The Survivor & Thursday Night NFL Picks Stop at the Washington Circus

It's amusing that he's not willing to pay Shanahan seven million dollars to go away given the way Snyder has thrown around money in the past. But, then again, Snyder's not been one for good football business decisions and he's letting a vendetta over not letting his current coach off the hook with a nice booby prize win out over what's best for the football team. 

Sadly there is some truth to what Shanahan has done in benching RG3, even if it has been done out of spite. It all goes back to RG3 being less than 100% when the season started and his mechanics going to shit because of it. Sure the offensive line was bad and the team lacked quality receivers, but that wasn’t as much of an issue last year, was it? Shanahan probably won’t be there next year, but RG3 will actually benefit from a full offseason to strengthen his knee and fix his mechanics. It’s just the matter of how Shanahan is going about this circus to “prepare” RG3 for next year that amuses me part. 

Survivor Pick of the Week: 

CAROLINA over N.Y. Jets 

It’s a simple pick this week. Most teams are gone and Carolina is the highest favorite of the week (even if you include those teams already taken). Geno Smith struggles with strong pass rushes and few teams bring a better one than Carolina, who’s fourth in the league in sacks. It’s going to be a long day for Geno. Hopefully, he doesn’t have much family travel in from Miami. 

You’ve already used Denver. I doubt you made it this far if you haven’t. Atlanta’s not a terrible choice if you still have them. Washington has clearly given up on the season. Otherwise, it’s slim pickings because a lot of favorites are on the road this week and I’m not sure you want to touch any of them. Kansas City probably gives you the best option because they have a strong defense and showed how they can overwhelm an inferior team last week. 

Teams used: Indianapolis, New England, Denver, New Orleans, St. Louis, Seattle, Green Bay, San Francisco, and Dallas, Tennessee, Houston, Detroit, Philadelphia, and Baltimore 

Thursday Night Pick: 

San Diego +10.5 over DENVER

This game presents an interesting dilemma. Does the short week that normally limits offensive production mean the Broncos won’t perform as well as normal? Or is San Diego the one who’s screwed because Denver runs the same shit every game, but San Diego doesn’t have enough time to prepare? The loss of Wes Welker should be a factor. Jacob Tamme filled in nicely during the second half of last week’s game, but he’s clearly not as good. 

Flip around to the other side of the ball and San Diego has the ability to air things out. They’re fourth in the league in passing offense, so they are definitely capable of competing in a shootout. These two teams went at it back in Week 10 and late San Diego scores brought the margin of defeat down to eight points. Why can’t that happen again? At worst, it will be an entertaining affair because you know Phil Rivers is extra-motivated against the league’s best quarterback. He’ll probably be yelling and screaming during the whole game. 

Last Week: 9-7 
Season: 97-111-2 
Survivor: 10-4 
Locks: 23-20 
Reggie’s Picks: 102-106-2