This DIII Colby College Basketball Bro Can Throw It Down From Beyond The Foul Line And I’m Still In Awe


If you told me that the dude pictured above–a 6’2” division III basketball bro who averaged just six points a game last season could pull off dunks more impressive than the majority of NBA players, I’d tell you I do not like being lied to. I thought we were friends bruh.

But then I’d apologize when I saw it for myself. The dude’s name is Pat Dickert and he’s a 21-year-old junior at NESCAC Conference’s Colby College, a private school with a whopping 2,000 undergrads.

Dickert posted the below videos to his Instagram account as part of his “Take Flight Tuesday” series, which features him executing outlandish dunks that a rich white boy should not be able to execute. The below video has gone super viral, amassing almost 250,000 views on Instagram.

Cool bro. Call me when you step your game up.

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