Thursday Night Football Is Getting Lit Up By NFL Fans For Weird Fake Prime Ball Campaign

Thursday Night Football Is Getting Lit Up By NFL Fans For Fake Ball Video

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Thursday Night Football will be airing on Amazon Prime this year and it’s received a lot of mixed reviews. For those already Prime members, they’ll have easy access to these games. Meanwhile, for others, it’s yet another streaming service to sign up for. However, NFL on Prime Video is getting some major flack after showcasing a new type of ball for its games. Now, they’re claiming it’s fake and they’re getting lit up by football fans.

Thursday Night Football Prime Ball Getting Absolutely Torched By NFL Fans

After everyone freaked out over the supposed new ball for Thursday Night Football games, it turns out it was just a weird ad campaign. Sure, it got people talking about the NFL being on Prime Video for the 2022 season and beyond. However, Amazon has been absolutely roasted for this whole ad campaign. So much so, that people on Twitter lit them up as we would expect.

Ali went straight for the throat as this person is clearly tired of the nonsense.

Then Uncle Drunk hit them with the ultimate drunk uncle sarcasm.

Then there are people like Brenden who are just tired of subscribing to different streaming platforms.

At least Brad is being honest. Some of us actually did get got.

Thankfully, Thursday Night Football will not be featuring a new type of ball. That would be absolutely insane. We should have known when none of the players in the NFL reacted to it. You’d think wide receivers would be the most upset but no, they were in on it.

So now we can move on with our lives and just watch football on Thursdays again without any worry about the ball looking weird.

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