Tiger Woods Unleashed A Surprise F-Bomb Live On The Air While Talking About His Retirement Plans

Tiger Woods Dropped A F-Bomb Live On Air Talking About His Retirement

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I suppose if there is any professional athlete who has earned the ability to no longer have any f**ks to give it might just be Tiger Woods.

At age 43 with 82 PGA Tour wins (109 total), 15 of them majors, and suriving a scandal the likes we have never seen in sports, Eldrick Tont “Tiger” Woods doesn’t really have anything else to prove.

Which could explain why in an interview ahead of the Presidents Cup at Royal Melbourne with Triple M’s “Hot Breakfast” in Australia Woods let loose with an unexpected F-bomb while discussing his plans for retirement.

“For me, it’ll be simple,” Woods told the hosts Anderson and Darcy. “I love spearfishing. I love being in the water, I love hunting. I like going on hunting trips, fishing trips and diving trip so to me, just being out in nature is the f**king ultimate best.”

“I don’t like being around a lot of people in that regard,” added Woods. “I like to be out in nature because that’s what I grew up, that’s what I do, golf is always out in nature so for me, that’s the ultimate best.”

As for when Woods thinks he will hang up his spikes and ride off into the sunset of retirement, Tiger replied, “I think the golden carrot of getting out there when I’m 50 is getting a cart, right?”

The hosts also asked Tiger is he had any advice for all the newbies and duffers out there trying to hold it together on the course.

“To get better, I would say more than anything try to make little swings and build up, make bigger swings but hit the ball in the middle of the face,” replied Woods. “That’s something I stress with every single junior golfer and every amateur, start with a little pitch shot 10 yards, and then 20, 30. Work your way out and try to hit the ball in the middle of the face. If you can find the middle of the face consistently, your game is going to improve by so many shots, you’re going to enjoy the game so much more, but if you can’t find the middle of the face it’s going to be quite frustrating, and this game is frustrating enough.”

He would know.

Listen to the entire interview with Woods below.

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