Tiger Woods Got So Much Crap From Peyton Manning While Playing Together At The Memorial Pro-Am

Tiger Woods Lookalike PGA Championship Boston

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Tiger Woods might be the greatest golfer on planet earth, as he’s transcended the game over the past 20 years or so, and, at 43 years old, is still proving to be on top of his game. Given all that he’s accomplished in the sport — which includes 15 major titles, earning a boatload of money and remaining one of the most beloved players on tour — there are few people who could hold a candle to Tiger Woods on the golf course; especially when it comes to running their mouth.

One person who doesn’t hold back when it comes to talking shit to Tiger Woods while golfing though? Well, that’d be NFL legend Peyton Manning, who just so happened to be paired with his buddy at the Memorial Tournament’s Pro-Am yesterday. While the two seemed to love the attention from fans and were reportedly signing autographs and cracking jokes the entire round, according to Woods, Peyton was at his best when it came to busting his balls, which seems to be the way it usually goes when these two are around one another.

“He just gave me crap the entire time,” Woods said. “Which is par for the course. It’s what we do. We give each other a pretty good needle.”

Man, there aren’t too many people who can fuck with Tiger Woods, so it’d be great to hear what Peyton Manning was saying out there while the two legendary athletes were swinging the sticks.

While Tiger admitted he got a lot of crap from Manning, the two were quick to compliment one another as well, with Peyton first talking about the joy he got playing alongside his buddy, specifically at a Jack Nicklaus hosted event like The Memorial.

“Look, to go behind the ropes and to play with this guy on this course and see Jack Nicklaus at the turn, anybody that loves golf, it’s a real thrill,” Manning said. “I’ve played a lot of golf with Tiger all the way through the years. It doesn’t really amaze me much anymore. I’ve seen so many incredible things that you kind of come to expect it. When he makes a par, it’s kind of like you’re surprised.”

The love fest didn’t stop there, though, because, like the former NFL quarterback, Tiger Woods gave praise towards his friend, describing how much better Peyton’s gotten at playing golf over the years. The sole reason? He’s got more time to actually hit the links now that he doesn’t have that whole quarterbacking job of his.

“He’s gotten so much better,” Woods said. “When we first played, he was just kind of starting out in the game. But now that he’s retired he can play a lot more golf. That’s been pretty cool for me to be able to play with him throughout the years. To know what he’s gone through and see him get ready for the season and what he’s been able to accomplish after all those surgeries, to walk around greatness like this, it’s always fun.”

Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning are just a couple of bros hanging out. And, while Peyton seems to poke fun at his buddy as often as he can, I’m sure Tiger just lets his golf game give the comebacks — ’cause you know Woods has taken his fair of money from Manning on a few bets out there.

(H/T Bleacher Report)