Tiger Woods Finally Accepts His Fate While Revealing Incredible Anecdote About Son Charlie

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As the saying goes, “time comes for us all.”

That even applies to the all-time greats. Take, for instance, Tiger Woods.

Woods may well be the greatest golfer to have ever lived. But multiple surgeries, rehab, and a crash finally have the 47-year-old beginning to accept his fate.

It was seen as a minor miracle when he return to the 2019 edition of The Masters at 43 years old. But a  major car crash in 2021 saw Woods break his leg and suffer several additional injuries.

Woods hasn’t looked nearly the same player since and just had an additional surgery to fix lingering complications. The odds are, Woods will likely never truly compete for another major championship.

But he’s finding joy elsewhere in the golf world.

Take, for example, playing alongside his 14-year-old son Charlie.

The duo teamed up to compete in both the 2021 and 2022 PNC Championships and nearly won the event in 2021.

“Charlie and I, we played great yesterday,” Tiger said after their final round in 2023. “Today we were both like walking penguins out there. It was all good, though.”

Tiger and Charlie were asked what they might have learned about each other’s games over the week. Tiger passed the question over to his son. “I feel like I already knew what he was capable of,” Charlie said, “and then yesterday, that’s the best he’s ever played in a while, and that kind of shocked me a little bit. That’s really it.”

Tiger, not missing a beat, turned to his son and quipped, “I used to be good.” [via PGATour.com]

During a recent range session for TaylorMade, Tiger tested out clubs alongside Rory McIlroy, Scottie Scheffler, Tommy Fleetwood and Colin Morikawa.

At the 7:10 mark, Morikawa asks Tiger about Charlie. And the answer shows that the younger Woods is quickly tracking down his phenom father.

“Has Charlie beat you yet,” he asks.

“Not yet. He outdrove me the other day thought,” Tiger responds.

“Shut up,” a stunned Morikawa says.

“…First time. It’s coming…He wants to beat me my the time he turns 14. I’m like, ‘huh, good luck.'”

The younger Woods turned 14 in February and we don’t know whether he achieved his goal. But if he hasn’t, it doesn’t seem far off.