Tiger Woods, Justin Thomas and Jordan Spieth Got Stuck At A Domino’s In Japan

tiger stuck at dominos

Getty Image / Brian Spurlock/

Brutal storms washed out the second-round of the ZOZO Championship in Japan so Tiger Woods – who shared the lead after day one – Justin Thomas, Jordan Spieth and others decided to pass their time by going to see Joker.

A totally normal decision for anyone on a rainy day, no news there, but after the movie things got a little interesting as the tournament courtesy vans said they couldn’t take them back to the hotel due to the weather.

I can’t really fathom being the person that had to tell Woods, Spieth and Thomas that they’re stuck in some random neighborhood in Japan, but that’s what happened.

The logical thing to do after a movie is to go grab a bite to eat so that’s what the gang did, but they ended up getting stuck at a Domino’s – with no tables for some reason – for over an hour and a half according to Steve DiMeglio of Golfweek.

So, the gang – Woods, Justin Thomas, Jordan Spieth, Gary Woodland, Bubba Watson and Ryan Palmer – along with a couple of friends headed to a nearby Domino’s. There were no tables in the restaurant yet the group ordered six pies – thin crust – and stood there and ate.

And killed time. And some more time. Woods and his girlfriend, Erica Herman, eventually went across the street to a 7-Eleven and only two fans asked the most famous golfer in the world for a selfie.

Finally, after just over 90 minutes, the streets cleared up and the group got back to the hotel in less than 15 minutes.

I can definitely think of other restaurants I’d want to be stranded at for an hour and a half instead of Domino’s, but I will say, the thin crust pizza there is about as good as chain delivery pizza gets so they made the right call there.

After he helped house six pizzas with some of his buddies, Woods went out and shot his second straight 64 and holds a two-shot lead heading into the third round. If Woods earns the win this week he will tie Sam Snead’s record of most all-time PGA Tour wins at 82.