Tiger Woods Teams Up With A Trick Shot Artist For An Amazing Shot

Tiger Woods

Getty Image / Richard Heathcote

Tiger Woods trick shots are the best. This is a fact that cannot be debated. However, there is one that that can make a Tiger Woods trick shot even better and that’s when he enlists the help of a professional trick shot artist.

Josh Kelley is a pro trick shot artist who was a guest at Tiger Jam 2018 which I can only assume is a rowdier version of MONSTER JAM. Josh is the man behind the @holein1trickshots Instagram account where he has 236K followers thanks to his impressive feats on the golf course. Together, Josh Kelley and Tiger Woods threw down a golf trick shot for the ages:

Josh Kelley starts out by juggling the ball with a wedge, flipping the club in mid-air, catching it, juggling the ball again, and passing it to Tiger Woods who then juggles the ball between his legs while Josh goes to get a driver and then hits an absolute bomb down the range.

I remember being in H.S. and watching that TV commercial of Tiger Woods juggling the ball and thinking he was a dang wizard. This was before ‘trick shot artists’ existed because YouTube wasn’t even a thing at the time. Tiger Woods blew the world away with those skills and he might’ve legitimately been the man who launched the trick shot revolution in golf with that juggling commercial. It’s pretty cool to see that he’s still got it.

(h/t GOLF.com)