Why Tiger Woods Couldn’t Touch His $10M Winnings From 2007 FedEx Cup Playoffs For 14 Years

Why Tiger Woods Couldn't Touch His $10M Winnings From 2007 FedEx Cup Playoffs For 14 Years

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Tiger Woods is the highest-earning golfer in the history of the sport. He recently became the third billionaire athlete after Michael Jordan and LeBron James. And this came after Tiger previously sniffed billionaire status before his divorce in 2010.

On the PGA Tour alone, Tiger Woods has made $120,895,206 in career earnings. That is over $26 million more than Phil Mickelson who ranks 2nd all-time in PGA Tour earnings and $46 million more than Dustin Johnson who ranks 3rd.

Tiger Woods won the 2007 FedEx Cup Playoffs, capping off a historic PGA Tour season with 7 wins. Before winning the 2007 FedEx Cup, Tiger won the Buick Invitational, WGC-CA, Wachovia, WGC-Bridgestone, PGA (his lone major that year), BMW Championship, and The TOUR Championship for a total of $10,867,052 in earnings that season.

And that didn’t even include the $10 million bonus for winning the FedEx Cup Playoffs! I didn’t know this until recently, but Tiger Woods wasn’t able to touch the $10 million he won for the 2007 FedEx Cup Playoffs for 14 years. The story behind that is fascinating and was laid out in a Twitter thread below by Jared Doerfler.

Why Tiger Woods Couldn’t Touch His $10 Million Winnings From 2007 FedEx Cup Playoffs For 14 Years.

I had no idea those winnings went into tax-deferred retirement accounts:

Tiger’s $10 million bonus from the 2007 FedEx Cup Playoffs could’ve been worth close to $40M by the time he received it.

‘Tiger being too rich could’ve cause issues…’ is certainly an interesting problem to have.

Here is what players are competing for at the 2022 Tour Championship:

There will never be another golfer like Tiger Woods:

Learned something new about Tiger Woods.

This thread from Jared Doerfler (and his Substack article) is that rare combination of combining Tiger Woods, the most famous golfer in history, with something we didn’t actually know about him yet.

Part of being as famous as Tiger is diehard golf fans know virtually everything there is to know about him. He has lived his entire life under the media spotlight. So it’s rare to see something like this come along that many golfers aren’t aware of.

As for how Tiger Woods became a billionaire, that $120,895,206 in career earnings on the PGA Tour certainly helped get him there. But Tiger has earned over $1.7 billion in his lifetime and the vast majority of that came from endorsements.

His biggest partnerships over the years came from Nike, Gatorade, Buick, Rolex, Monster Energy, and others. He has since grown his empire to include golf course design, PopStroke, and countless other initiatives and endorsements. Tiger also passed up A LOT of money over the years…

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