Bowler Smashes World Record, Rolls A Crazy Perfect ‘300’ Game In Less Than 75 Seconds

It seems like just yesterday that bowler Ben Ketola set the speed bowling world record and became the fastest person to roll a ‘perfect’ 300 game. In fact, Ben set his bowling world record back in April with a time of 86.9 seconds. Well, that speed bowling world record has already been broken by Tim Emery of Ewing, New Jersey who just rolled a perfect 300 in 74.9 seconds.

I’m wondering why, after all these years, we’re seeing bowling world records beginning to fall. I can’t speak for all of America, but I drive up and down the East Coast throughout the year and I see significantly fewer bowling alleys now than when I was a kid. From the outside, it seems like bowling is a dying sport. And the logistics of this speed bowling world record require a completely empty bowling alley because the bowler needs to use all of the lanes. Sure, the record could be broken before or after the alley is open to customers but it’s more likely there just weren’t any customers in there to begin with.

I don’t say any of that to diminish Tim Emery’s bowling world record of becoming the fastest person to roll a perfect 300 game. I’m just naturally curious, and I’m wondering why the record is broken twice in less than two months at a time when bowling as a sport appears to be on its death bed. If anyone has answers for me, hit me up down below in the comments!

If you’d like to see the unedited version of Tim Emery’s bowling record you can check it out below. This is the video that was uploaded directly to Tim’s personal YouTube channel: