Tim Tebow Is Working Out For The Philadelphia Eagles And Chip Kelly Officially Doesn’t Care What Anyone Thinks

Chip Kelly has the rest of the world wondering if he’s lost his damn mind thanks to a series of confusing personnel moves this winter. But all of them — from dealing Nick Foles to letting LeSean McCoy leave to signing two big-name running backs — seem perfectly sane compared to what’s happening right now.

Tim Tebow, yes, Tim Tebow is working out for the Eagles.


As a … as a what? Certainly not a quarterback. Perhaps an H-back or tight end. Or media relations person.

Most logically, it must be a team chaplain.

That’s the only explanation here.

I’ll tell you this right now, if somehow ol’ Timmy makes the team, that will be a bigger upset than anything the NCAA Tournament has in store.

Also, today is 3/16. Make of that what you will.