Tim Tebow Is Working Out For The Philadelphia Eagles And Chip Kelly Officially Doesn’t Care What Anyone Thinks

by 4 years ago

USA Today

Chip Kelly has the rest of the world wondering if he’s lost his damn mind thanks to a series of confusing personnel moves this winter. But all of them — from dealing Nick Foles to letting LeSean McCoy leave to signing two big-name running backs — seem perfectly sane compared to what’s happening right now.

Tim Tebow, yes, Tim Tebow is working out for the Eagles.


As a … as a what? Certainly not a quarterback. Perhaps an H-back or tight end. Or media relations person.

Most logically, it must be a team chaplain.

That’s the only explanation here.

I’ll tell you this right now, if somehow ol’ Timmy makes the team, that will be a bigger upset than anything the NCAA Tournament has in store.

Also, today is 3/16. Make of that what you will.

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