Anthony Edwards Screams Back At Annoying Fan At FIBA World Cup

Anthony Edwards

Getty Image / Ethan Miller

Someone attending the FIBA World Cup game between the USA and Greece was screaming and Anthony Edwards gave them a taste of their own medicine.

Whoever the fan is, they were screaming whenever Team USA was shooting a free throw. Just like when DeMar DeRozan’s daughter went viral for yelling at the NBA Playoffs.

But Anthony Edwards hilariously dished it back after nailing his free throw to give his team a 70-48 lead late in the third quarter.

This fan was definitely doing his/her best to help Greece. They were extremely loud throughout the entire game.

Here’s a quick montage from SportsCenter where you can hear the random fan yell multiple times.

That’s just pure dedication. That person has to be the biggest Greek basketball fan on the planet. Much respect for doing their part for their country in the FIBA World Cup.

If you’re not good enough to play on the basketball team, at least you can scream from the sidelines and annoy the opposing squad.

But of course, Anthony Edwards screamed back. He’s become notorious for his on-court antics. Whether it’s talking trash with his opponents or having fun with fans, this is becoming the norm for the Timberwolves’ star.

Team USA will be facing off against Jordan on Wednesday at 4:40 A.M. Eastern. So, you’ll have to wake up incredibly early if you want to watch the game.

I for one just hope Anthony Edwards goes viral again during the FIBA World Cup. This kid is hilarious and one of the best young players in the world right now.