Chicago Bulls Star Demar Derozan’s Daughter May Have Won The Game For The Bulls

Demar DeRozan after a Bulls win

Getty Image / Andrew Lahodynskyj

Chicago Bulls wing Demar Derozan is one of the best pure scorers in the NBA. In an era where so many teams are trying to only shoot threes or layups, he’s got an old-man’s game that belongs in any era full of mid-range jumpers and crafty finishes.

Last night, his Bulls took on the Toronto Raptors in the 9/10 play-in game for a chance to get into the NBA Playoffs. The Bulls won, 109-105, and Demar Derozan had 23 points. But, he may have not been the only important member of his family in the game.

The Raptors lost the game much in part to poor shooting at the foul line, shooting just 18-36. That is putrid for a high school team, let alone an NBA team. Yes, they’re not a great foul-shooting team, at 19th place at 77.3%, but that’s a far cry from 50% on 36 attempts.

What caused it? Well, enter Demar’s daughter.

Yeah, they made that one, but you could hear it on nearly every foul shot all game. Once the ESPN broadcast figured out who it was, they put it on the broadcast.

But, when the Bulls go play the Heat for the 8th seed in the NBA playoffs on Friday in Miami for a do-or-die game, Kiara DeRozan won’t be joining them.

Still, if they can get the Heat to miss 18 foul shots, they’re going to be in good shape.