DeAndre Hopkins Reveals The 4 Teams That Passed On Him: ‘Can’t Wait To Crush Their A–‘

Alisha Lehmann

Silas Walker/Getty Images

Titans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins opened up about his free agency process and revealed the teams that didn’t show interest in signing him, in an interview with GQ Magazine.

The 11th-year NFL veteran, known for his remarkable skills on the field, shared his thoughts on the process that led him to the Titans.

Hopkins, who was released by the Arizona Cardinals in May, entered free agency with a stellar track record as one of the league’s top wide receivers.

Despite his impressive statistics, he faced challenges finding his next team. “There were some teams that I had on my list that I gave them calls and they didn’t give a call back,” Hopkins stated, highlighting the obstacles he encountered during his free agency.

In the interview, the Pro Bowl receiver didn’t hold back in naming the teams that passed on him. He stated, “Detroit Lions, they didn’t want me. Dallas Cowboys didn’t want me. Giants didn’t want me. S—. Who else ain’t want me? San Fran ain’t want me.”

Despite the disappointment of being overlooked by these teams, Hopkins expressed his determination to use the rejection as motivation. “I can’t wait to play ’em and, honestly, try my best to crush their a–,” he declared, emphasizing his competitive spirit and eagerness to prove himself on the field.

Ultimately, Hopkins expressed gratitude for his current situation with the Titans, acknowledging that he believes he made the right decision.

As he embarks on the next chapter of his NFL career, DeAndre Hopkins is prepared to face the teams that didn’t want him, carrying with him a renewed sense of purpose and determination.