Renegade Tom Brady Reveals He Occasionally Eats Cheeseburgers

by 7 months ago

Obsessive is a word that doesn’t quite encapsulate the manner in which Tom Brady treats his body. His diet is as stringent as can be–no alcohol (in season), no caffeine, no dairy, no sugar. Hell, he doesn’t even eat “nightshades,” which are inflammatories including tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms, and eggplant. He’s basically a robot who is really, really good at football.

Brady sat down with broadcaster and former Patriots QB Scott Zolak to engage in a little word association. Brady revealed that he loves U2 and golf, further solidifying himself as the whitest dude on the planet. He also claims to eat cheeseburgers and ice cream occasionally, just like us mere mortals. He gave praise to DeShaun Watson and Carson Wentz, calling them “fun young QBs.”

At 40 years old, Brady appears to be getting better with age. A quality he shares with his wife.


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