Tom Brady Gets Emotional With Bill Belichick Guest Appearing On His Podcast

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick

Getty Image / Maddie Meyer

Tom Brady announced his retirement for the second time so we’ll see if he actually stays off the gridiron this year.

However, he aired his first episode of the Let’s Go podcast since the announcement and things got emotional.

The future Hall of Famer brought in his former head coach, Bill Belichick, and the two discussed their time together with the New England Patriots.

According to Pro Football Talk, Belichick didn’t waste time praising Tom Brady.

“The greatest player, the greatest career, great great person, such an opportunity and honor for me to coach Tom. I guess it’s got to end at some point, but it’s the greatest one ever. Congratulations, Tom.”

That’s when Brady started becoming emotional, per Mike Reiss.

These guys spent 20 years together and won six Super Bowls along the way. The New England Patriots are the perfect example of a sports dynasty all thanks to them.

Whether you rooted against them or not, you have to respect Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. They’ll each be going into the Hall of Fame one day and we may never see a duo like this again.

If you would prefer to listen to Belichick’s quote, here is a quick snippet from the podcast. You can find the full episode on Spotify or Apple.

Congratulations to Tom Brady for an amazing career. Unless of course, you unretire again. Then we’ll just pretend this didn’t happen and do this three years in a row.