A Philadelphia Donut Shop Is Making Butterfinger Donuts Inspired By Tom Brady’s Dropped Super Bowl Catch

tom brady dropped pass super bowl

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On Sunday, Tom Brady confirmed Gisele Bündchen’s 2012 report that he “cannot fucking throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time” when he displayed the grace of a newly born T. Rex while attempting to reel in a pass from Danny Amendola on a trick play the Patriots rolled out in the second quarter of Super Bowl LII. Nick Foles showed him how things are supposed to be done when he caught a touchdown pass towards the end of the half in a play dubbed “The Philly Special” to cement his place in Eagles lore.

There was plenty of pettiness on display leading up to this year’s championship, and it appears the people of Philadelphia aren’t going to pass up an invaluable opportunity to continue to troll the Patriots. On Tuesday, Philly’s Dottie’s Donuts— who stopped selling Boston Cremes the week before the game— announced they’ll be introducing a brand new item to the menu in honor of Brady’s inability to catch: a chocolate donut topped with Butterfingers made in-house.

Live Kindly spoke with Dottie’s co-owner Jeff Poleon, who took full advantage of the opportunity to roll out some donut-centric wordplay:

“Our inspiration for this donut was Tom Brady’s performance during the Super Bowl. Additional inspiration came from the way Foles handled the ball. Watching Foles defeat Brady we knew we had to do one final Super Bowl-themed donut. It is too SWEET of an opportunity and we couldn’t let it slip through our fingers!”

Revenge has never tasted so good.

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