Tom Brady Praises Colin Kaepernick Before Saturday’s Workout, Endorses ‘Cool Opportunity’

Matthew J. Lee/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

I honestly don’t know why anyone would care about Tom Brady’s take on the Colin Kaepernick situation when we’ve already been blessed with Certified Moral Arbiter O.J. Simpson’s assessment of it. When The Juice speaks, I get a straw. And lock my doors.

But it is my sworn duty to bring you all of the information, even from men that haven’t lead police on a high-speed chase nor been arrested for armed robbery. Sigh.

In his weekly interview with Jim Gray on Westwood One Radio Thursday night, Brady was asked about the much-debated Colin Kaepernick workout that is scheduled to take place in Atlanta on Saturday.

“I think being a pro quarterback is very challenging in and of itself,” he said. “To have time off is a challenge, but Colin has overcome a lot of challenges in his career. He’s always found a way to produce. He’s very mentally tough.

“I think it’s pretty cool that he’s getting that opportunity.”

Brady’s take is much less suspicious than some of his NFL counterparts. 49ers safety Eric Reid says the workout ‘feels like a P.R. stunt‘ by the NFL to extend an olive branch to a quarterback many believe was blackballed. Ex-NFLer Brandon Marshall confirmed that sentiment by saying the workout ‘seems so fishy.’

Brady’s support of Kaep dates back two years, when he said that he’s always admired the ex-49er and hoped he got a shot to return to the league.

The NFL confirmed Thursday that the Patriots are one of the 11 teams that will attend Kaepernick’s workout in Atlanta on Saturday.


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