Tom Brady’s Dad Wants His Son To Take A Giant, Merciless Dump On The Colts Tonight



In Tom Brady’s 15-year NFL career, his father Tom Sr, has flown under the media radar, consistently mindful not to stir up unnecessary controversy or storylines that would deter his son from doing his job.

However, in light of the Deflategate scandal, Tom Sr. has been vocal about defending his son’s innocence and moral fiber, namely calling into a San Francisco radio show after host Chip Franklin asked the ridiculous question of, “Who’d you rather have Tom Brady, a cheater, a bad sport and a big freaking baby over Tim Tebow, who is overtly religious on the field, but a gamer and a guy who everybody likes?”

In his incensed tirade, Brady Sr. calls Franklin “full of crap” and Roger Goodell a “flaming liar” and deeming the NFL a “kangaroo court.” All valid.

Tonight, New England will venture back into Indianapolis, the origin of DeflateGate, in an effort to utterly annihilate a team and fanbase who helped villainize the franchise to the entire football world.

Tom Brady, Sr. is hoping his son’s team mercilessly runs up the score.

Via the New York Daily News:

“The main thing I want is to see them win. As long as they have one point more than the Colts, I’m fine. That being said, I’d like to see them put 60 points on the board, and love to see Tom throw for 500 yards and eight touchdowns. That’s me dreaming. That kind of comes from me.”

Brady himself, usually mindful to not explicitly make waves in the media, even expressed the personal significance of this game.

When asked in a news conference Wednesday, “Isn’t there any human part of you that wants it a little extra this week?” Brady replied, “I’m a human. There’s no doubt. I’m definitely human.”

You’d be absolutely braindead to bet against the Patriots tonight.

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