Tom Brady’s Daughter Trolls TF Outta Los Angeles Rams With A+ Sign At Patriots’ Super Bowl Parade

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Tom Brady may have admitted to Good Morning America that it makes him “cringe” when someone calls him the GOAT, but, sh*t, I have a feeling the six-time Super Bowl winning was just fine with the nickname today during the New England Patriots Super Bowl parade. And, whether by design or by accident, Brady can thank his daughter, Vivian, for the little reminder that he’s the greatest of all-time.

That’s because cameras caught Vivian trolling the f*ck out of the Los Angeles Rams while alongside ol’ dad, holding up a sign that had the image of a goat next to an image of a ram, and, well, just take a look below and see it for yourself, per NFL Hate Memes’ Twitter account.

This is some A+ shade from little Vivian, guys. I mean, considering the fact that her dad’s the best quarterback in NFL history — and makes a living trolling people pretty much any chance he gets — it shouldn’t really come as too much of a surprise that his daughter inherited a similar gene. Still, one wouldn’t think that she’d go so far in for everyone to see, but, hey, she’s clearly got no shame.

Super Bowl parades are always a good time, with pro athletes acting like kids and chugging beer and being one of the common folk. But, when it’s Tom Brady celebrating with his city, you better believe he (or, in this case, his family) will find some way to stick it to people one last time before the offseason. Just brilliant.

(H/T Twitter/NFL Hate Memes)

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