Tom Brady Bodies Fantasy Football Player Who Grumbled About Him On Twitter

Tom Brady Bodies Fantasy Football Player Who Dissed Him On Twitter

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A fantasy football player went viral on Twitter on Wednesday when ESPN’s SportsCenter posted a tweet about him.

The longtime fantasy football participant has kept the draft board from every year he’s played since 1999.

While looking over the draft boards, he came across the one from 2012. The first overall pick that year in his fantasy football draft was Aaron Rodgers.

When his daughter asked him who he took, he replied, “I took Tom Brady.”

She responded with an ‘Ewwwwwww! That’s embarrassing.”

“TB gag!” her dad added.

Because he is not only the GOAT of the NFL, but also in the conversation for GOAT of sports social media, Tom Brady got wind of the video and hit back with an excellent response.

“2012? 4800 yds 34 touchdowns 8 picks. Sorry you had to go through that man,” Brady wrote in response.

Yeah, he’s dead.

“Absolutely clueless brother. He wouldn’t know how ridiculously good a season like that is if it jumped up and bit him in the ass!” commented former NFL quarterback Rich Gannon.

The fantasy football player’s daughter had a good laugh at all the responses

“LOL that’s my dad in the video and he really wants me to tell you ‘it was a Fins thing, didn’t say he had a bad year,'” she wrote back to Brady.

Despite Brady’s epic burn, a lot of fantasy football players appreciated the guy’s dedication to the game.

If nothing else, he certainly sparked a lot of cool fantasy football memories.

“Can’t wait to tell dad he’s a Twitter sensation,” the Dolphins fan’s daughter later tweeted.

A previous tweet showing another video the fantasy football player’s daughter made shows just how much dedication he has to the game.

Witness the fire pep talk he gives her mom before her fantasy football draft.

“You can’t win your league on draft day, but you can lose it.”

Words to live by, right there.

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