This Fascinating GIF Follows Tom Brady From A 22-Year-Old Rook To A 38-Year-Old Legend


Getty Image

Tom Brady has tried out every look in the book. Like that book you find at those old school barber shops with various 80s hairstyles that no one who wants sex would ever wish upon themselves. If I just woke up from a 15 year coma and you told me the dude in the picture below has won four Super Bowls and twice was the NFL MVP, I’d tell you Sean Hunter really diversified his portfolio. I for sure would have retired after Boy Meets World.

The GIF below follows TB12 from a 22-year-old sixth round pick backing up Drew Bledsoe to a 38-year-old legend with a supermodel wife, and all the hair styles in between.

[protected-iframe id=”2c618d1af613af805b0e7f5a571299a6-97886205-93351060″ info=”//” class=”imgur-embed-pub”]

It’s amazing what 16 years can do, isn’t it.

[h/t Sports Betting Experts]

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