Tom Brady Wears Gloves To Press Conference And Uncomfortably Deflects Endless Injury Questions

The AFC Championship needs to come sooner than Sunday because I’m not sure I can withstand two more days of relentless ‘Tom Brady Hand’ media coverage.

For those who have avoided televisions, radio, social media, and office water coolers, Tom Brady reportedly injured his throwing hand on Wednesday after he jammed it during a collision with a running back at practice.

According to the Patriots’ injury report, Brady attended practice yesterday but did not participate, and the media hardly reported it. Kidding, I literally cannot avoid the coverage. The story was exacerbated when Brady shows up to practice yesterday wearing two gloves, sparking #GloveGate.

Following the injury, Brady canceled his scheduled news conference for the second consecutive day and faced the media for the first time this afternoon. Brady was peppered with questions about his hand, and lets just say he took after his coach in responding to them.

You can check out the entire 4-minute awkward interview below:

The injury will likely have very little affect on Brady’s game Sunday, but that didn’t stop Vegas from dropping the line from Patriots -9 to -7.5.

[h/t Busted Coverage]

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