Tom Brady Made NFL History Without Even Playing A Game Wednesday

Tom Brady

Getty Image / Norm Hall

Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time. While I am sure some may think otherwise, there’s not a good argument to the contrary.

After all, the Michigan product is the all-time leader in yards and touchdowns. He has a remarkable seven Super Bowls in ten appearances and defined a generation of football.

It seems like every week the 45-year-old is making history. Brady, who spent his first 20 seasons in the league with the New England Patriots, is now trying to help the struggling Tampa Bay Buccaneers win the NFC South and make the playoffs.

That’s a struggle, because the team is not good. But, after Tom Terrific orchestrated another fourth-quarter, double-digit comeback on Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals, they simply need to beat the Carolina Panthers in week 17 to make the playoffs. Brady has made the playoffs in every season he has been the starter without a season-ending injury since 2003.

It seems like every game he is making more history. There aren’t that many records for him left to break. But, he’s seemingly finding every record possible and obtaining them one by one. Now, the three-time MVP has made more history, this time without even playing a game.

Tom Brady has officially spent half of his life in the NFL

The average NFL career is, depending on the source, a little over three years. Tom Brady has been in the league for a remarkable 23 seasons. Now, he has reached a milestone that no one since George Blanda has accomplished.

That is an astonishing stat. Around 30% of the entire population of the world is younger than Tom Brady’s illustrious NFL career. That is a wild thing to sit down and think about.

It’s safe to say that there will never be another Tom Brady.

Garrett Carr
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