Tom Brady’s Stats Are So Bizarre He’s Had 3 Hall Of Fame Careers In 1

Tom Brady

Getty Image / Mike Ehrmann

Tom Brady announces his retirement from football once again. However, like Sasquatch, I need to see it to believe it.

For now, though, it sounds like Brady is hanging it up. Either way, he’s been so dominant that he’s apparently had three Hall of Fame careers in one.

CBS Sports tweeted a bonkers graphic showcasing three different phases of Tom Brady’s career. Looking at it like this, it’s clear to see that Brady has accumulated three separate Hall of Fame careers.

It’s crazy to look at Tom Brady’s career in this way. He’s been on a completely different level and it’s hard to imagine we ever see another professional athlete be this dominant for so long.

Tom Brady is the surefire greatest of all time. There really is no debate about it. I mean, seriously. If someone tries telling you any different, just show them this graphic. Then follow it up with “seven rings.” And just like that, you won the argument.

If Brady remains retired, then he’ll be due for the Hall of Fame in 2028. However, do we really need to wait that long? There is no question he’s going into the HOF, so why wait? Let’s make one exception to the rule. Why not?

Either way, congratulations to Tom Brady for having the most dominant career we’ve ever seen in any sport. Good luck with whatever your future endeavors are.