Tom Brady Sticks A Dagger In Haters’ Hearts On Instagram, Does Classy Thing For Patrick Mahomes

Tom Brady Kills Haters On Instagram, Supports Patrick Mahomes

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By my unofficial calculations while watching the AFC Championship game, 99.36% of social media users were not necessarily rooting for the Chiefs, but rather rooting for the New England Patriots to lose and not be in the damn Super Bowl for the third straight year and ninth damn time in 18 years.

Perhaps the only people more disappointed than those people on Sunday were the fans, players and coaches of the New Orleans Saints who got royally screwed out of a Super Bowl appearance by the referees.

I mean, it’s not like the people of Los Angeles really gave a sh*t…

That being said, Los Angeles will now have millions of people rooting for one of their teams on Super Bowl Sunday.

Which only means that millions of people are once again on the verge of eating sh*t thanks to the like of Tom Brady (and Gronk) who crushed what was left of haters’ hearts with an absolutely savage Instagram post after the Patriots did it to us yet again.

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Goddammit, Brady.

The Herculean efforts of Chiefs first-year starter Patrick Mahomes (and possible 2019 NFL MVP) did not go unnoticed by Brady, however, as after the game he was much less smug when he went over to the Kansas City locker room and asked a security guard if he could speak to Mahomes.

Any chance the 41-year-old Brady went full Jordan on the 23-year-old Mahomes and told him he was still the GOAT? Nah

We definitely haven’t seen the last of Mahomes though…

Anyway, as good as Brady and Mahomes were, everyone who watched the AFC and NFC Championship games knows who was really the best quarterback was on Sunday…