Tom Brady Going On Howard Stern For His First Real Interview Since Signing With Tampa Bay Proves Both Brady And Stern Are The GOAT’s

tom brady howard stern

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I am always open to a good GOAT debate, but I think from a football standpoint most would agree that the only player possibly challenging Tom Brady for GOAT status is Joe Montana. I was always open to the discussion and different counter-arguments for one or the other, that is until Brady had the balls to sign up for an interview with Howard Stern.

As well all know, teaming up for an interview with Stern is never going to be a normal interview. It is either a PR nightmare or the best move you have ever made. Everyone knows when you step into Stern’s world, absolutely nothing is off-limits and you better be ready for any and all questions.

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As a Jets fan myself, it is in my blood and DNA to naturally hate Brady, but he is in Tampa Bay now and I simply can’t help but tip my cap to the guy for having the stones to step in with Stern. He came out swinging in the interview with Brady, when he rattled off questions on what it is like to rent a house from Derek Jeter. Does Brady call Jeter when the washer machine isn’t working? Did Jeter give him a deal on rent since it’s freakin’ Brady? All the questions that nobody ever gets to ask that we all really want to know.

That is the beauty of Stern whether you like him or not, he asks the questions we all want the answers to. Two guys that are arguably the absolute best in what they do, shooting the shit for an hour straight. If you don’t like Brady, fine, I won’t hold it against you, but at least tip your cap to No. 12 for stepping into the lion’s den that is The Howard Stern Show. This is what entertainment is all about, folks.

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