Tom Brady Has Perfect Response To Direct Question About Joining Jets

Tom Brady

Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

In a recent episode of his podcast “Let’s Go!” with cohost Jim Gray, retired NFL legend Tom Brady quickly dismissed any rumors of him joining the New York Jets this season.

The question about Tom Brady signing with the Jets comes after Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers suffered his Achilles injury.

When asked by Gray if the Jets had reached out to him following Rodgers’ injury, Brady responded with a firm “No, no, no — next question!” He emphasized his commitment to the podcast and the enjoyment he derives from being part of it.

Brady smoothly changed the subject, redirecting the conversation to other topics, including the 3-0 Colorado Buffaloes and guest Deion Sanders.

Speculation about Brady potentially playing for the Jets had arisen almost immediately after Rodgers’ injury occurred during a Monday Night Football game against the Buffalo Bills.

Some Jets fans had hoped the organization would sign a veteran quarterback like Brady to fill the void left by Rodgers.

The Jets had previously made it clear that they were putting their faith in their 2021 2nd overall pick pick, Zach Wilson, as the starting quarterback.

It remains unclear whether the team’s plans have changed in light of Wilson’s struggles against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday.

For those hoping for a Brady-led rescue mission in New York, it appears that such hopes may be in vain.