Creepy Dude In The Lifelike Tom Brady Mask Showed Up On National TV This Morning And Freaked Everyone Out

Last weekend the REAL Tom Brady was at home, tossing passes to his supermodel wife Gisele, and serving the first game of his 4-game suspension from the NFL. If you guys read BroBible closely then you saw our feature on Monday of the dude wearing the creepiest, most realistic Tom Brady mask every made to the Patriots’ Sunday night game.

Well, as you can see from my tweet above the Tom Brady mask dude is back. This morning he appeared on NBC’s TODAY Show and he was the first thing I saw when I flipped on my TV this morning, which is a pretty f’n creepy way to begin your day…God bless that ‘Vacatriots’ jersey though:

The man behind the mask is Dan Worthington, and he even got to meet Renee Zellweger during his appearance on TODAY this morning:

I just think this Tom Brady mask is all the proof we need that technology has gone too far. It’s waaaayyyyyyy too realistic, even incorporating Tom’s cheesy ass new haircut. Dan Worthington must be stopped, and we need the REAL Tom Brady to please stand up.

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