Tom Brady Once Again Prove He’s The King Of #TBT And That He Was Once A Massive Nerd

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Facebook / Tom Brady

Tom Brady is a three time Super Bowl champion but he’s the undisputed king of throwback photos.

Every week, Brady unleashes another rocket from his arsenal of awful old photos on his Facebook page. This week’s photo is a mix of Spike from Home Alone and the clearance rack at Giovanni’s Fancy Formal Wear.

It’s really hard to hate Tom Brady. Sure, you could hate him on the football field, especially since he’s been bringing it forever and will go down as one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever take the field BUT AS A BRO he’s really hard to dislike.

Everyone gets all charged but about the awesomeness of Rob Gronkowski, and I get it, but given the choice of “Patriots bro I’d most like to hang with” I feel like Brady has a distinct advantage over Gronk.

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