Tom Brady Has Been Playing With The NFL Logo Removed From The Back Of His Helmet

As a New Yorker, I’m not supposed to like Tom Brady. On the Giants side of things, the guy has become the closest thing we have to a nemesis for Eli. On the Jets side, Brady and the Patriots are pretty much the sole reason they never make the playoffs. But, at the same time, every time he appears in public, I find myself liking him. It’s kind of like when you fall in love with your best friend’s sister. Like you know you shouldn’t but it’s a real struggle. That probably wasn’t a fair analogy, but the the basic structure of it is there.

However, despite what I’m supposed to feel, the whole Deflategate scandal was a load of fuck. I’m not denying it happened, I’m just of the opinion that Brady was not as involved as everyone said and that he also was handed down an unnecessarily severe suspension. And I know I’m not the only one of this opinion.

As an apparent response to his upcoming four game suspension, Brady played a number of preseason games without the official (and mandatory) NFL logo on the back of his helmet.

And you know what, I’m going to give Brady this one. The NFL went out of their way to make an example out of him and have refused to give him a fair shake. From day one he was guilty. I’m sure that this move will have repercussions but, for now, I hope they let him have this small victory.