Tom Brady Is Dropping Funny Responses To Memes About Him And Poking Fun At Himself On Instagram Now


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We’ve seen over the past NFL season just how much Tom Brady has ramped up his social media game. Dude has been killing it on Facebook and finally signed up for Instagram about a month ago.

Apparently it hasn’t taken Tommy too long to figure Instagram out as well as he’s done Facebook because now he’s responding to memes about himself.

As the Patriots were getting destroyed by the Falcons during the Super Bowl cameras panned to Brady sitting on the bench sparking this meme

Of course, no one really thought that Brady would respond, but by God, he really does see all and dropped this response on us…

Watch your back Joel Embiid, Brady is coming for your best athlete on social media title.

Check out these posts he made poking fun at himself after the game…

“I got this.”

And of course…