Do You Have $500,000 Laying Around? Good News: You Can Buy This Tom Brady 2000 Rookie Card At Auction

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Things you can buy with $500,000:

  1. Four homes in Cleveland, Ohio
  2.  Two 2017 Ferrari 488GTB (Yellow and Cherry Red)
  3. Majority stake in the WNBA’s Minnesota Lynx
  4. 71,428 bags of Tide Pods
  5. One Tom Brady rookie card

You know you’ve made it when 2.5 x 3.5 cardboard square with your picture on it is as valuable as 71,428 meals.

Well, when you’re arguably the greatest sportsman ever, some schmuck with an endless trove of bitcoin will gladly splurge on a 2000 Fleer Ultra Michigan Card (mint condition).

According to Darren Rovell, a high-end memorabilia collector is currently selling his TB10 card on eBay for the reasonable price of half a million dollars.

I don’t understand how a football card can go for $500K and a Super Bowl ring is being auctioned for a measly $100K. Someone explain to me how that works.

Although the price for this Brady card seems like lunacy, it doesn’t hold a candle to some of the highest-priced sports memorabilia ever sold. Mark McGwire’s 70th home run ball sold for a cool $3 million. James Naismith’s 1891 Rules of Basketball document sold at auction for a price of $4,338,500. And the most expensive sports memorabilia ever sold: Babe Ruth’s 1920 New York Yankees jersey, described as ‘the most desirable baseball artifact’ in history. The jersey sold at auction in 2012 for $4,415,658.

Meanwhile, I’m cashing in my grandmother’s savings bonds early to pay for groceries for the week. Fuckin’ A.


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