Tom Brady Had Twitter Roasting Him Over A Slow-Motion Video Of The QB Running On A Treadmill

Twitter roasted Tom Brady after posting a slow-motion video of him running on a treadmill

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Tom Brady probably should have seen this one coming, right? The six-time Super Bowl champ might be the GOAT when it comes to making big plays in the clutch, making the right read and throws, and digging deep to lead his team to victory, but, unfortunately, he’s not the greatest athlete out there.

While most of us remember Tom Brady’s NFL Combine video that showed just how heavy his feet seem to be when taking off and running, the fact that the Patriots’ quarterback only has 1,139 career rushing yards in his 19 seasons is enough proof that Brady doesn’t run very often on the gridiron. Hell, the NFL even poked fun at him for the minimal career rushing yards after breaking the 1,000-yard mark last season.

Considering all of that, Tom Brady should have thought a little harder about posting a video of himself running on a treadmill — IN SLOW MOTION, nonetheless. Take a look at the post from Brady’s account below.

After people on Twitter saw the video, well, the replies were ruthless, with everyone making jokes about Tom Brady running. So, rather than be inspiring and motivational, it seemed to backfire a bit. Here’s what some on social media were saying.

Look, Tom Brady knows he’s a slow, unathletic dude, so he’s probably having a helluva lot of fun with some of the roasting on Twitter. Plus, the fact that he’s got six rings full of diamonds to blind all the haters is enough to quiet anyone out there. Still, c’mon, he should’ve known this kind of reaction was coming the second he decided to hit the ‘Send’ button, right? Oh, well, it gives us something related to the NFL to talk about during the long offseason, so we should actually be thanking Brady for reminding us that he’s slower than molasses.

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