Insane Graphic Shows Tom Brady Isn’t Just A Winner For His Own Team – Every Franchise In Town Gets Better

Tom Brady Team Winners

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There’s an old saying that goes “the mark of a true winner is a person who makes everyone around them better.”

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady doesn’t just make football teams better, he somehow makes the teams in town better too.

A new graphic being shared online shows how teams magically got better whenever Tom Brady lived in their specific geographic area or played for a local team.

The San Francisco 49ers, Oakland Raiders, and Oakland Athletics champions when Brady lived in San Francisco as a kid.

When Brady was in Ann Arbor playing for the Michigan Wolverines, the team won a National Title and the Detroit Red Wings won multiple Stanley Cup championships (let’s just ignore the Tigers and Lions).

Brad won six Super Bowl with the New England Patriots while the Boston Red Sox broke a curse, won multiple World Series titles, and Bruins and Celtics both won world championships.

Brady is now a Florida resident and playing for the first-place Buccaneers while the Tampa Bay Lightning won the Stanley Cup this year, the Tampa Bay Rays are in the World Series.

via Total Pro Sports

Even the house prices are sure to go up when Tom Terrific moves into town.

It would be interesting to see a graphic of sports franchise success rates once Tom Brady moves out of town.

The 49ers haven’t touched the Lombardi trophy since 1995, the Raiders play in a different town, and the Oakland A’s have kept it small market (i.e. championship-less) for decades.

The Wolverines haven’t won a National Championship since Brady’s time on campus and let’s forget about the Lions and Tigers again. The Red Wings had a solid run throughout the 2000s though.

Finally, the Patriots have broken all the wrong records since they forced Tom out of town, the Red Sox finished in dead last in the AL East this year, the Celtics got shown the door by the Heat in the 2020 NBA Eastern Conference Finals and the Bruins lost to – guess who – the Tampa Bay Lightning in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.


[via Total Pro Sports]




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