‘The Tonight Show’ Handed Out Insulting Superlatives To Cowboys And Saints Players, Are Actually Kind Of Funny For Once

If they are anything,The Tonight Show superlatives are hot and cold. Especially now that Jimmy Fallon’s writers only have two teams to choose from since NBC apparently is forcing them to hand out superlatives for every Sunday night game this season.

For one, there is a reason these things perform better in moderation; people don’t get excited if you give them something every week. Secondly, it’s hard to insult people if they look kind of normal. The perfect example of that is The Tonight Show‘s last superlative this week. They shouldn’t have even bothered including it. And barely should have bothered to include Drew Brees, because his was also a stretch.

But in all fairness, this week’s edition was an improvement. And since their week 1 bomb whereby they allowed players to read their own insults, it seems like Fallon and his team have realized they can’t mail these in, otherwise the segment will die a painfully slow death.