Tony Romo Has Responded To All Those ‘Fat Tony’ Jokes And Memes That Blew Up The Internet

by 3 years ago
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A few days ago a photo of Tony Romo looking a little, how should I put this, out of shape hit the internet. The internet being the internet it had a field day making jokes and memes out of poor Tony.

So when Romo sat down to talk to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram naturally the issue of his “fatness” came up.

“I think I have gone through enough criticism in my career that that is the least of my worries,” Romo said with a smile Monday while speaking to the media for the first time since the opening of training camp. “Granted, if I was that big, we would have to have some talks. But I think I will be all right.”

Jon Machota, the man who took the photo for the Dallas Morning News, admits that Romo really isn’t as fat as the internet thinks, “It certainly appears as if Romo is overweight. He is not. It was some poor camera work on my part.”

Good news for Cowboys fans because now they know that Romo will at least make it to pre-season game number one before suffering this year’s season-ending injury.

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