Tony Romo Tweeted A Clip From ‘Major League’ To Get Cowboy Fans Fired Up For His Return


Tony Romo will make his triumphant return to the field this Sunday in Miami for the 2-7 Cowboys. Seemingly in an effort to get fans of the polarizing franchise jacked up for the greatness that might lay ahead, he tweeted a classic clip from “Major League.

Win the whole fuckin’ thing.

NFL Playoff Picture Cowboys

Uh, yeeeeeeah. Pretty bold words from a man whose team sits dead last as the 16th seed in the NFC. Even if Dallas somehow runs the table and finishes at 9-7, sniffing the playoffs doesn’t exactly seem realistic. Christ, even the 49ers have a better record.

But there’s nothing wrong with conveying optimism to a fan base in desperate need of daily therapy and a friendly discount on straight jackets, especially when it comes in the form of an all-time sports movie.

And nobody did it better than Jake Taylor. Anyone who threatens to cut Roger Dorn’s nuts off and stuff ’em down his fuckin’ throat is a friend to all.

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