Remember How LIT The Sport Slamball Was? TBT To The Top 10 Plays In Slamball History

by 1 year ago

Ah, Slamball. The memories. I can remember when it first came out on Spike TV in the early 2000s, my buddies and I would take bong rips to the face and would get so hyped on watching the high school dropouts from the Los Angeles Rumble and the Chicago Mob put on a show. It was the real life NBA Jam, but it had the element of football and hockey in that you could legit try to take someone’s head off clean. Slamball has recessed into just memories for most of us, as television disagreements took it off the air, but I will never get sick of seeing someone who typically couldn’t grab the net turn into a Superman for a few seconds. That truly is the common man’s dream.

Except this guy. Whose gotta be dead.

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